What does it mean to seek the new earth?

In the Bible we’re told that when the world ends God will make all things new. It talks about how he is going to make a “new heavens and a new earth.”

What will this new earth be like? What will we do there? We’re told very little about it, except that it is the eternal home of all who trust in Jesus.

We’re also told that the path to this place is narrow, and not always easy. It leads through a vale of tears, and requires that all who walk it carry a cross, that is, to deny self and to resist the urge to take the easy way out of suffering, when doing so means to deny Jesus.

But those who seek the new earth have a confidence that isn’t offered by any other faith or philosophy. It is the sure confidence that what we seek we will find. It is a foregone conclusion. Jesus has already sought us out, called us by name, made us his own, and shown us the path. So we know that when we seek, we will find.


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