One of the goals I have is to provide regular prompts for flash fiction and short stories. But prompts require ideas to spin off of. So consider this a “pre-prompt” activity – a brainstorm.

Take ten minutes. Set a timer for yourself. Clear your head and begin. Jot down any and every idea that comes into your head when you think of the word “Locator”. Try to keep each idea to one sentence. Let’s see how many concepts we can come up with. Just post your ideas into the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Prompt-storm

  1. Locator: A police/security official in charge of…finding missing persons, items, etc – logging their whereabouts – though not necessarily helping put them back where they belong.

    Or maybe he…it? relocates things altogether.

    Locator: GPS. ALl I can think is GPS crossed with Brainiac (How sad is it that I know who Brainiac is?)

    And my 10 minutes are up.
    I’m so pulling out a pen and paper next time.

  2. Locator: He finds runaways on the galactic spaceways. There’s a lot of places a kid can loose himself, and they’re not generally good. For a fee, he’ll find your kid. Hopefully alive.

    Locator: Dating service that not only analyzes you, but pinpoints your exact match — and tracks his movements, so you know exactly where he is at all times. Think a cross between and Big Brother.

    Locator: In a world where everything is the exact same, a monotony of blandness, he can find those who create variety and push them back into place.

    Locator: Ever wonder why cats stare at walls? It’s because they’ve found the portals that allow you to escape into the world next door. They’re cursed to never cross themselves, but they’re very useful in locating such portals.

    Locator: He’ll find and bring back lost library books, no matter what hooligan has spirited them away.

    Locator: Neural app that finds the exact word you want… and it’s malfunctioning.

    Sorry, I didn’t keep to the rule of one sentence hooks. Got some ideas, though!

  3. Mike,

    I definitely caught onto that, but didn’t get a chance to respond to it. I think that sort of defeats the purpose ;). But actually, I love that whole concept and I have often thought about trying to incorporate it into my own stuff. As an homage to him, of course.

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