Rejuvenating Your Imagination

Here is a nice blog post from author Jeff VanderMeer. It’s very important to make sure you don’t burn yourself out trying to write “too quickly”, and at the same time, it’s important to remember that creativity can sometimes take work to cultivate.

One of the things VanderMeer mentions in the article is the need to be alone. That’s, in my mind, part of the work of cultivating creativity. Getting time alone is not easy. Especially if you’re married, have children, or your work space is not set away from where you can be interrupted.

And even if you can get the alone time, then there’s the issue that I have, and I wonder if others don’t have as well: When I have the slightest bit of writer’s block, I start looking for something else to do. I feel frustrated that I can’t get my writing moving, so I think I’ll do something else for a little while to clear my head. Well, that little while eventually becomes a long while and the next thing I know I don’t have time or inclination to get back to it.

Enjoy VanderMeer’s article, and remember: Work to foster creativity!

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