Daily Science Fiction

I’ve been spending some time exploring a new website in my bookmarks list: Daily Science Fiction (dot com). Every day a new story is posted, and if you like you can sign up to have the stories emailed to you. They don’t have an RSS feed that I’m aware of, and punching their website URL into Google Reader doesn’t come up with a feed either, so it looks like for now if you want a daily dose, you’ll need to sign up or make it a regular visit.

The stories can range from fairly long (they will publish up to 10,000 words), to fairly short flash fiction (even as short as 100 words). Since they accept submissions from pretty much anyone, the stories vary widely, but so far they seem to haveĀ  a decent standard of quality. If you’re looking for an easy way to get a daily dose of science fiction I would strongly recommend latching onto this site.

If you’re into writing and looking for a publication opportunity, note that Daily Science Fiction also accepts submissions, and their submission information page advertises a whopping 8 cents per word. Note that even big name publications like Analog and the Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy only pay in the region of 5 to 6 cents per word at their maximum. While a couple pennies per word may not sound like much at first, when you’re looking at publishing even a piece of flash fiction it can be the difference between a $50 check and an $80 check (if, say, you’ve got a story in the 1,000 word range). The difference becomes even more pronounced when you hit a mark like 5,000 words.

I wondered at first how they can afford to pay so much when they are apparently not ad supported, have no links to any major publisher, and don’t appear to be the pet project of any big name author. Well, if you read a little deeper you’ll find that they also publish individual stories and anthologies for cost on the Kindle market, which potentially could be a real cash cow if they know what they’re doing. It’s possible there is some money backing this as well that they’re not talking about.

In any case, their setup has all the marks of a legitimate option for publication, and one that is well worth submitting to. The submission process is simple, free, and comes with a promise that you’ll receive a response within three weeks or you have the right to pester them. I have yet to submit to a magazine that’s so accomodating. If you’re looking for a place to make some money in this field, check it out.

A permanent link to Daily Science Fiction can be found on the sidebar on the right, under the tag cloud.


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