Holiday Specials never turn out well

I hope you all laugh as hard as I do at the Star Wars Holiday Special, because if you don’t, you’re probably weeping more tears than all the widows of Alderaan over the monstrosity.

But it does bring a question to my mind: Does Christmas have a place in science fiction?

I’ve read a few short stories set in science fiction realms that mused on Christmas. I’ve never thought they’ve turned out well. It may well be that most such stories try to discredit Christ directly (I recall an Arthur C. Clarke story that did that… anyone know the title?). It may well be that those that don’t tangle with Christ end up becoming some nostalgic puddle that doesn’t do anything but give a nice warm feeling, like the feeling you get when you’re sleeping and someone sticks your hand in a bowl of warm water.

Is there a good Christmas story that’s science fiction? The only ones I’ve seen that I enjoy are the X-Mas episodes of Futurama, and that’s more out of perverse mirth. (Though I love the fact that Santa sees everyone as naughty and deserving of punishment… a Santa much more in keeping with the Christian faith, no?)

I think it’s very doable. After all, a sense of wonder and impossible are intrinsic to both science fiction and Christmas. So, can someone point me to some good Christmas-y science fiction?



4 thoughts on “Holiday Specials never turn out well

  1. The Victorian Santa and the Futurama Santa are actually the two facets of God: His mercy and his judgment. Look what caricatures they become though, when we try to separate and compartmentalize the divine nature of God.

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