Things Christian Nerds Argue About

I don’t remember my greater LOTR mythology, but Gandalf-as-Jesus doesn’t seem quite right. Others on this blog will be sure to enlighten me, though.


2 thoughts on “Things Christian Nerds Argue About

  1. Gandalf is a Christ figure in Tolkien’s mythology in that a) he sacrificed his life to save that of his friends in the face of a demon, thus freeing them from its power, and b) he returns to life, purer and more powerful than ever, but now as a guide and a help for their lives, rather than as a driving force with them just along for the ride. In many ways it does provide a useful parallel to Christ, but it’s just not as obvious. Tolkien was making Gandalf a Christ figure. Lewis was actually taking the stance of, “If God had made another world, and in that world Jesus chose to appear as a lion instead of a man, here’s what I think he would be like and what he would do.” So Lewis wasn’t just making a type of Christ, he was actually trying to write Aslan as Christ in a different incarnation. That required a little more obvious approach.

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