Prompt – A very SciFi Christmas

It is December the 24th of the year 2499, in the era still known as Anno Domini by some, but now more often referred to as the Current Era. Across the many stars people prepare to celebrate an old and well known holiday in their own unique way. But what surprises does Christmas Eve hold in store? What odd traditions have arisen from the sudden spread of humanity across the galaxy? Only those with the most vivid of imaginations can tell! Since we all know Christmas is ripe with possibilities, we would be foolish to limit it to a word count! So write, write, write, my good men! Tell your tales of Christmas among the stars!

2 thoughts on “Prompt – A very SciFi Christmas

  1. Why is it I want to do a bad fanfic featuring Leela and Fry?

    I know! Captain Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were really the Magi from the east! They were time traveling, see…

    Why is it I’m getting all the really bad ideas?

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