Wednesday Linkdump – Dec. 22nd, 2010

Welcome to another middle of the week. Oh wait! This week is Christmas! As if we didn’t know….

Here are a few early Christmas gifts. Enjoy!

Brandon’s links:

  • Teaser Trailer for Nerd Comedy “Paul”: Forgive me if this isn’t new news to you, but I only just found out about it. Loved Hot Fuzz. Loved Shaun of the Dead. And now the same great minds are teaming up to do an alien movie. Sounds like it will be a blast.
  • Terry Gilliam’s New Project: Gilliam’s work has always been a little off the wall, but I find it very enjoyable. Whether you like Gilliam or Steampunk, you’re probably going to like this.
  • Friday Night Re-Animation?: Fox has released a video claiming their decision to move Fringe to Friday night was a strategic one. Are they telling the truth, or just trying to appease angry fans? I suppose only time will tell.
  • Your Dialogue Can Do More: This is a great article about dialogue. Presenting facts about a character couched in the things they say can make the story so much more interesting to read. Juliette Wade gives some nice examples of how to do this effectively.
  • Science Fiction Must Be Beautiful: Nice piece about the integral connection between art and science in science fiction.  A good reminder for all Sci-Fi writers.
  • Five Upcoming Plagues: Good fodder for post-apocalyptic scenarios, the driving force behind a world evacuation, or an out-of-communication space station.

Luke’s links:

  • AIDS cure found through adult stem cells: The doctor in charge says, “What this is, is an interesting proof of concept, but it’s absolutely impractical.” What is impractical in real life is normal for science fiction. Where would this technology lead if it was practical.
  • Skip the Christmas Tree: One commentator tells why she doesn’t have a Christmas tree less than two weeks before Christmas, and why it makes her husband nervous. Does a decorated tree make it Christmas? If not, than we do we culturally insist we must have one?
  • Shards Universe: A science fiction series written by a confessional Lutheran (a WELS guy, for those of you who are into alphabet soup). A review of the first book will be forthcoming, but in a nutshell: I enjoyed it. The website isn’t the best put together, but if you want to see what Christian science fiction might read like, take a look!
  • Olly Moss does Star Wars: If you have not yet seen these nifty Star Wars posters, go look.
  • Still Alive: Some days you just need to roll out a classic and enjoy.
  • Best Astronomy Pics of the Year: These are pretty and may churn some appreciation in your heart for God’s creation, and maybe mix up the creative juices a bit.
  • How does comics age rating work?: Having worked in a comic shop, I can say there are a lot of misconceptions about what may or may not be appropriate — everything from “All comics are for kids” to “comics are nothing but pornography.” (Both extremes are very, very false.) But does age rating work at all? This excellent article sums up many of the problems of age rating comics in specific and entertainment in general.

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