Ingratitude and the Printed Word

Some thoughts that came to me as I viewed this video:

  • It’s not cool to laugh when someone else spits at a gift. The parents/ relatives/ friends/ whoever was there only encouraged the child in his outrage at receiving such a “terrible gift” when they laughed. What has the child learned? It pleases mom and dad to spit at a gift.
  • Those around the kid encouraged him to hate books with their response. Is that really something we should encourage? Rather, shouldn’t we inculcate a love of reading at the earliest age?
  • What should the parents have done? I imagine that, based on the child’s reaction, he’s already been well trained to want only toys and not books. However, the parents very well could have demonstrated, at the least, a gratitude that someone would send a gift, as well as at least try to enjoy that gift.
  • Plus, you know, encouraging a kid to swear — even “marshmallow swear” — rankles me more than a little.

Did you see anything funny in the video, or, like me, did it simply make you feel bad that the kid would be raised in such a household? Am I just taking this way too seriously?

5 thoughts on “Ingratitude and the Printed Word

  1. I hate that video. If I ever did that, I would get kicked out of the house! Or…I might never get a Christmas gift again!

  2. There was nothing funny about that video at all. It does present ungrateful children who only see Christmas as about getting things and stuff. If those books were the baby Jesus instead would he have done the same thing? The pastor at the church where I went on Christmas Day said that Jesus was the perfect gift, but not always the gift that we wanted because of our own sinful nature.

  3. If you track it back to youtube – the parents intentionally gave books again the following Christmas (this Christmas??) to see what his reaction would be.

    Apparently he is now okay with getting books for presents.

    I still can’t justify the parents laughing while their kid did this, but it’s good to see that somewhere along the line the issue was addressed at least.

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