Prompt – Locator

This was suggested in the “prompt-storm” a few weeks ago, but I think it’s always been a fun idea and one that can spawn all kinds of stories. So here’s today’s prompt:

Write a story featuring a planetary locator: A man whose job it is to fly to distant stars and look for habitable worlds to record them into an intergalactic database. His ship is usually small, cramped, and horribly out of date. His pay is usually far less than he deserves for what he’s accomplishing. But he does it because he loves it, the thrill of adventure and finding that next beautiful world that takes his breath away.

Your goal should be to shoot for a milieu story. This is the kind of story where you don’t focus so much on the character himself, or a particular question or theme to be addressed. Rather you focus on the wonder of a different world.

Shoot for 2000-3000 word range.

I give all credit for this idea to Jack Vance, whose use of the locator as a device in his writing is unparalleled.


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