I don’t know about you, but I probably watch too much news. It gets me upset. It gets me worried. What’s wrong in the world? Can’t the politicians actually fix things instead of making things worse? How will the world survive if the average attention span so short no one knows that the Kessel Run is measured in distance, not time? (OK, maybe we can survive without that knowledge.)

Rummaging about the net, I found this quote:

We also need to remember that the eschatological future promised by the prophet Isaiah, and the future that was shaped by industrial revolution, and will continue to be shaped by the digital revolution, are the same future. I don’t believe in an invisible spiritual future, shaped by the Holy Spirit, full of sweetness and light, and an actual historical future shaped by the Devil, Halliburton, the Illuminati, and Murphy’s law. The world, this world, is presently going where Jesus is taking it. Be wise, but stop worrying.

Part of being wise is that we do not forget the doctrine of sin. Sin is radical and deep, and capable of many cultural grotesqueries. We see them all the time, and we read about them all the time. Welcome to the spiritual war. Belief that we will win the war is not a denial of the reality of that war. My optimism is not of the kind that denies the existence of the battle. My optimism is of the kind that maintains that we are winning the battle.

To change the metaphor, to believe that the car is gassed up, running fine, and on the right road, does not keep the kids from squabbling sinfully in the back seat.

I think there’s wisdom here. History is history, and God is charge of all of it — including what’s happening now. If you want to read the full post, I’ll recommend it. You can find it here. I’ll warn you that the writer is unabashedly Calvinistic, and it comes through a bit in his writing — a lot on the “Sovereign will of God” as well as an assumption of “once saved, always saved.” However, the main point — that God’s in charge — and how he explains it I find enjoyable.

One more little thought from the entry that’s worthy of pondering:

The constant and ever present temptation in the Church is the gnostic temptation of locating sin in the stuff, sin in the matter, sin in the wealth, sin in the technology . . . instead of locating it where it belongs, in the heart of man.


One thought on “Scared?

  1. Very good reminder. I’m often prone to thinking about the world in a kind of, “What’s going to happen when I get to be 50? 60? 70? What will my kids and grandkids have to deal with? How will we survive all this?!” And it’s good to be reminded, over and over again, that the end result won’t change no matter what else in our world does. It’s also nice to remember that just because I know more today than I did yesterday, or just because I’m a little more nervous about the future today than I was yesterday, it doesn’t mean Jesus loves me any less. Nor does it mean he is less actively involved in my life, working things out for my eternal good.

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