Prompt – Hot Shot

This is a late post for a Monday morning prompt, but I have guests in the house, so the days have been a little crazy.

How about coming up with a story using the words “Hot Shot” as your launchpad. Use an idea cloud to get you going, then come up with something interesting.

If you’re not familiar with the term “idea cloud”, here’s basically how it works. Take a sheet of paper, write a word in the middle of it. In this case, use the phrase “Hot Shot”. Then you write down everything that comes to mind around the word, and keep expanding out with more and more words and phrases, even using the new things you write down to spark more ideas.

Once you have your page mostly filled with stuff, start looking for ways to link thinks. Create a “path” through your cloud that connects a series of thoughts. On a separate piece of paper, start building a plot outline using the ideas you’ve come up with.

As you work through your outline, make sure to ask questions, like “What makes my character the way he is?” or, “What is his self-image, and what could happen that would be most challenging to his self image?”, and the follow up, “How would he deal with that situation, and what changes would it force upon him?” Once you get the ball rolling, your story practically writes itself!

Happy writing!

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