Wednesday Link Dump – January 12, 2011

Well, this is publishing late for a Wednesday. As an act of penance, I’ve included an extra couple links. Enjoy!

Brandon’s links:

  • Can You Spot Han Solo on Firefly?: I love Firefly. I have never been more disappointed that any show was canceled than with Firefly. So, fun little easter egg if you’re a fellow Firefly jilted lover.
  • Why Destroying the Second Death Star Might Not Have Been a Good Idea: This video explores the very real consequences of destroying a large space station hovering in low orbit over a small moon. But I’d dispute the conclusion that in this case the results were all that “bad”.
  • Home Zombie Survival Kit: This blogger evaluates his home for Zombie Apocalypse readiness. Are you prepared fort he walking dead?
  • Lightsabers in South Miami?: Interesting little three minute independent video someone put together of what it would look like if lightsabers were available today.
  • Planning for the Worst: Interesting article. Seems to relate well to my “Make a Mistake” post. What happens when your villain makes a mistake, or something goes wrong for him? What would that do for your story?
  • Neurotransmitters: Very cool article about how neurotransmitters work.
  • 10 Great Science Fiction Novels that Have Been Banned: Here’s one for all of you who are determined to read through through the banned books list. I wouldn’t say all the books on the list are “great”, but many are worth reading.
  • Literary Watering Holes: Here’s a little fun list of places you may want to go if you want to drink with the greats.

Luke’s links:

  • Mark Twain no longer allowed to utter the n-word: Perhaps you’ve heard of the new edition of Huck Finn that expunges all “bad words.” This commentator pretty much sums up my take on it: “A new edition of Huckleberry Finn expunges its repeated use of ‘nigger’ for understandable reasons, but betrays a great anti-racist novel in the process.” Only the author has any rights to change his words, in my opinion. I certainly don’t want someone editing my writing without my express permission.
  • Frodo to feature in The Hobbit: And speaking of messing with the original author’s intentions, Elijah Wood is now starring in the film version of The Hobbit as Frodo. According to reports, he will either be telling or hearing the story that he heard from his uncle, which I am comfortable with, assuming the story he tells sticks closer to the original than, say, The Two Towers. Why am I ok with this change, but not Mark Twain’s posthumous editing? The movie the Hobbit is not portrayed as “the original,” whereas editors are meddling with Twain’s original words. For me, that makes the difference.
  • Cigarettes go missing: Speaking of censorship, it’s not just written media that faces it. Governments, including the United States, have ordered that cigarettes and other “smoking guns” be removed from images, including of Winston Churchill…
  • Buy Cameron’s House: It would certainly inspire my creativity if I could own this house and drive a Ferrari off the garage. Yes, the house used in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is actually for sale. Get it while it’s cheap!
  • Ani, Ghost City of 1000 Churches: This is a fascinating piece of history I’d never heard of, and every picture on the site is rife with story possibilities. It’s an abandoned city with thousands of years of history. Lots of ruins, lots of pictures, and they’re generally beautiful to top everything off. Go take a look.
  • Journey into Azeroth: This is a fun little essay, the first in a series, detailing a person’s first trip into World of Warcraft. I’ve been able to avoid the digital drug, but I have been tempted many times by those who say the storylines are good.
  • 98-year-old woman tells off UK bank: I want to take this concept and develop it. What if everyone treated each other the way banks treat their customers? Or, for matters closer to home for me, the way student loan lenders treated their loan holders?

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