How’s your stewardship of your imagination?

“We tend to think of stewardship in terms of time, talent, and treasure, but we’ve also got to be good stewards of the minds God has given us. And that includes our imaginations.”

— Mark Batterson

I just ran across this quote and it surprised me in the best way. Batterson’s absolutely right; one of the talents and treasures God has given us are our imaginations. How have I best used that imagination in thanks to him? Something to consider.

2 thoughts on “How’s your stewardship of your imagination?

  1. It’s a different way of thinking about stewardship of what God has given us. To me this almost seems like a sub-point under “talent”. This is true though that we are not always good stwards of the gift of imagination.

  2. I think that considering imagination a gift to be stewarded has a lot to do with how your individual congregation embraces (or doesn’t!) an individual’s imagination. Some encourage (perhaps too far) and others push down — I’ve been witness to both. Perhaps it speaks more to the environments I’ve been in than that point that it was a light bulb moment for me!

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