Prompt – A Science Fiction Love Story

Valentine’s Day approaches! I’m prompting you with this a week ahead of time so that you have plenty of days to write a story full of romance and ray guns, love and light-speed, sentiment and science fiction. I’ll stop alliterating now and let you get writing.

Note: As my life gets a little busier I anticipate less time to devote to my writing for a while. I’m opening the door for those of you who are reading this stuff and might like to try a hand at a story to be included on this blog. In the form directly below this paragraph (after the break – click “Read the rest of this page”), put in your name, email address, and your story. This custom form goes to my email inbox, not into the comments, so don’t worry about your email getting posted in the comments section. If I like your story (and I love stories, and I’m not paying you, so you’ve got a good chance), I’ll post it on the blog with full credit to you, and give you contributor rights to the blog as an added bonus.

4 thoughts on “Prompt – A Science Fiction Love Story

  1. Ah, that’s a good question. Permit me to give you a bad answer. Or rather, a fuzzy answer: I’m not a big fan of fanfiction, personally, because I know from doing my own writing that most authors have a lot of information that goes into building their characters that is never expressly spelled out in the story. Some readers catch more of this than others, and my experience reading fanfiction is often that it seems to take the characters in a direction the author never would have taken it.

    That being said, fanfiction has also been fertile ground for some really well written, creative work, because it provides a framework, structure, characters and such that otherwise might take a writer a long time to develop before they can get to the situation they want to write.

    And to a certain extent, you could call a lot of the extended world stuff like Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. all glorified fanfiction, because most of the authors of that stuff were not originally commissioned to write within the world, but rather had an idea, pitched it, and got acceptance. So there’s something to be said for fanfiction in that example.

    So, how’s that for an answer? If you feel best about writing a fanfic story, go for it, submit it, I’ll give it a look see. If you decide to go for something completely original, I’d welcome that too.

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