Review: Bone: Tall Tales

Bone: Tall Tales
By Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski

Smiley Bone takes three Bone Scouts into the woods. Around the fire, he tells them stories about his adventures in the Big Valley and some amazing tales about Big Johnson Bone, who founded Boneville many years ago. The Bone Scouts hear how Big Johnson fought Old Man Winter for a bowl of tuber stew, lost a cobbler gobbler contest to an exploding girl, and tamed a twister to ride it to the Big Valley.

This graphic novel collects various Bone shorts that were scattered in various sources (including the book Stupid, Stupid Rat Tales and material from Disney Adventures). If you’re a Bone fan, this is a no brainer: get it. Jeff Smith adds some neat supplemental material that fleshes out his original saga, including the real reason rat creatures have their tails cut off. Smith has produced two books set in the world of Bone following the original saga. Rose keeps the epic flavor; this book focuses more on the whimsical flavor. The writing and art are both of the same standard of the original Bone, so they’re well worth your time!

If you’re not already a fan of Bone, this purchase would be a bit more dubious. Yes, the stories are fun and have a lot of heart, but outside the larger setting, it would be a bit like reading a fanfic about Tom Bombadil without knowing anything of the rest of Lord of the Rings. It might be good, but you’re missing the point.

If you haven’t, find a way to read Bone. Most public libraries have it; you won’t be disappointed. It’s epic fantasy with a lot of good goofiness thrown in; the balance is amazing. If you’ve already read Bone, track this volume down for some more fun.


One thought on “Review: Bone: Tall Tales

  1. haha. Tom Bombadil… yeah that wouldn’t make sense. I haven’t read any of the Bone series yet. I might get to it some day.

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