Prompt – A different kind of villain

The villainous stereotypes are usually easily recognizable – He’s a mad scientist bent on getting revenge on society, he’s a disgruntled war veteran who hates the way things are going, he’s a disturbed individual seeking to cope with his pathological past by engaging in copious amounts of violence, she’s a power hungry, beauty obsessed, ice-in-veins heinous witch.

There are, of course, some very creative villains out there, and they come from a person being willing to stretch beyond the obvious, maybe get a little cerebral, and really mess with the audience. Today, rather than writing a story, take some time just to flesh out a really different kind of villain. Come up with someone that would be completely unexpected. Take some time to think through the villain’s history, personality, desires, goals, and other various qualities. Come up with a description that you can work with.

Happy writing!

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