Just a Normal Sabbath

Everything seems so normal. It’s the Sabbath. The city has gone about its weekly routine. The sun shines. People greet each other as they pass in the street.

What is seen is not reality.

The apostles hide. They are terrified. The people turned against their Master; will they go after the followers as well? They cling to each other and discuss. Should they go to worship on the Sabbath? Would that make them bigger or smaller targets? And in all this, they grieve. They mourn for their Master. They weep that each of them fled… not one of them stayed by their Teacher’s side. They can feel their guilt. Peter says not a thing, his burden is so great. No, this Sabbath is not normal for the apostles.

The religious leaders quake with fear and rage. They won… or did they? Will the next deception be worse than the first? The Deceiver said he would rise on the third day. Even on the Sabbath, the leaders go to that dog, Pilate. They demand soldiers to guard the tomb. A military watch for a dead man? No, this is not a normal day for the religious leaders of Jerusalem.

The body lies in a tomb. This man was alive yesterday. He breathed. His heart beat. He spoke. Not today. Today, all that has stopped. No, this is not normal. The Living God has died.

And there is nothing you can do to help him. He is dead, and the dead do not need our help. Today, nothing is normal, though it might appear that way.

God has always freed his people without their help. Why would his death be any different?


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