Prompt – The way things oughta be!

In a valiant effort to reclaim a sense of rhythm to my life, and to get back to developing habits that I have been so desperately trying to develop these past months and years, I am now committing myself to resurrecting the prompts! It is one step in the process of once again actively posting on my own blog that Luke seems to be so actively posting on. Heh. Whoops.

Anyway, above you see the prompt phrase – “The way things oughta be!” I have no idea what you could do with that, but it sounds like an inspiring line, so have at it!

Oh, and from now on I will be posting a feedback field with each prompt. What this means is that if you choose to write off of the prompt, and you are not Luke or Mike, you can still display your work for all to see! Well, all being relative to the number of people gracing this blog, that is. If you post your work in the feedback form below, I will see that it gets posted (eventually) on the blog (after perhaps shooting it back to you for cleanup/editing). Happy writing!

3 thoughts on “Prompt – The way things oughta be!

  1. If you did, it would just mean that your post would go up much later than you intended. Like, never, because I’d punish you by not posting it. So there.

  2. I may have to write the Next Great American Novel and post it in the feedback box now, so that you would be responsible for depriving our generation of the next Grapes of Wrath.

    Or some other book that’s actually good.

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