Five Wise Virgins

“I’m running out of power. Any of you bring chargers?” Natalie frowned as she gazed down at her cell. “The thing won’t last another five minutes. It never stays charged anymore.”

Shandra answered for the rest of the massive bridal party. “Nah, I charged mine before coming. What, you actually thought yours would last the night without it?”

“I didn’t expect them to be so long,” Natalie grumbled.

Mystified, Alexa slipped her cell out of her purse and swore. “I didn’t even think about it until you started talking about it. I’m almost dead, too.” She slammed the phone back into her purse and glanced around the rest of the bridal party. She crossed her arms as every head shook no to her upraised eyebrows.

Natalie turned to Shandra. “Can you make my calls for me?”

“No way! I’ll make my calls, you make yours, when they get here. I don’t want to miss the party because you’re an idiot!”

Natalie searched the faces of the rest of the bridal party, but everyone else with charged phones had sentiments similar to Shandra. They couldn’t and shouldn’t do her work for her.

Alexa perked up. “Wait! I left a charger in my room! It shouldn’t take long to get it – come on, we can run up and charge our phones quick!” She grabbed Natalie’s hand and the two ran off, followed by three more of the bridal party, leaving the smarter half of the bridesmaids behind.

While they were gone, the bride and groom arrived in all their radiant glory. They smiled to see welcoming faces. The cell phones were out, telling all the friends that the party had started. Friends rushed in.

Oh, but the other five… the other five were waiting for their cells to charge. They didn’t make their calls until it was too late. They didn’t arrive at the party until it was too late.

It’s best to be prepared. Keep watch! Don’t expect the groom to arrive today and throw tomorrow to the wind; he will come at the hour you least expect. Persevere… and keep your cell charged.


Matthew 25:1-13


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