Prompt – Rite of Passage

Yesterday my younger brother was confirmed. For those unfamiliar with the term, confirmation is a sort of rite of passage used in various church bodies, and in this case the Lutheran church. Confirmation is a chance for the young person to publicly profess his/her belief in Jesus and the doctrines of Scripture, and it signals that the church recognizes that this young person has been thoroughly instructed in all the basic principles of Christianity. With confirmation come certain rights, such as participation in the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and the ability to serve in ways reserved only for those who have been confirmed (an example would be that in my congregation only people who have been confirmed are allowed to be on our mission trip teams).

Such rites of passage are typical of virtually every culture and religion, some more formalized than others. These rites may be established by a corpus as means to usher someone into something, or they may be social constructions that have evolved over time. One thing that we can probably count on is that there will always be rites of passage as long as humanity exists. So that’s your prompt for today – write about a rite of passage sometime in the distant future.


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