Some Light Housekeeping

If you’re a regular reader here, you have probably realized by now that it’s been a little bit since anyone’s posted any fiction. Brandon has been doing writing in other locations and working on Rone, leaving less time to dedicate to the blog. I’ve been tackling a longer project that I’d like to finish before posting parts, lest we end up with A Crown Without Thorns — someday I’ll tackle it, perhaps next Lent, but I’ve lost the thread I was attempting to seize in that story. Sorry.

It might be a while before you get new fiction from me. Besides working on this longer piece, I’m moving.

However… I have good news, perhaps. While packing, my wife ran across an older story she didn’t recognize. As she edits pretty much anything and everything I do, I was convinced it was a story from someone else. However, as I read it and did some research on my computer, I discovered it was in fact mine! I’ve found a small collection of older stories carried from a computer that predates my laptop, and in the next few weeks I’ll post one a week. The day following I’ll likely post some comments.

It was fun rereading these old narratives for me. I see a very different kind of creativity at work; I can say with honesty I would not dream up these stories today.

So, if it pleases you, look forward to some “new” fiction in the next few weeks. I cleaned them with some light proofreading, but otherwise they are untouched from what I discovered.

Have fun, and please feel free to comment. Note what works in these older stories and what doesn’t. If you’re a regular reader and you notice differences between the older works and the newer ones I post, let me know. It’ll be fun for me, if nothing else, to see these older stories brought out.

I will aim to post story one, originally entitled “Fairy Western,” this coming Tuesday, with notes the following day. The week after we’ll get a shorter science fiction piece involving infidelity and a cargo transport, and the concluding week of this little diversion will hold a longer tale (possibly the longest single-parter posted to the blog thus far) that talks about where writers get their ideas… and where they should never get their ideas.

I hope you enjoy it!


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