Notes on “Another Clue in the Mysterious Survival of the Children of Fort Bodden”

Looking at the tone of this story, I’m fairly certain I was reading a fair amount of Neil Gaiman at the time of writing. Either that or Emma Bull. If you’ve not read War for the Oaks, go find it and devour it. Fantastic! That novel also introduced me to the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the Fae. There are very developed mythologies about the various fairy courts, and they make great grist for the story mill.

I remember thinking that I wanted to do a story about the Fae, but not wanting to do something that had been done to death. Private Eye/ Fairy? Naw. Something from medieval days? Nope. In a science friction story? Then they basically become nothing more than another alien race.

Then I hit on it: What about mixing the Fae in a Western? The end result isn’t exactly what I’d originally envisioned, if I remember correctly, but I think it still comes off well.

I like the skepticism of the narrator. It adds a certain disbelief to the story, perhaps giving voice to the reader’s own thoughts. I’m fairly certain I like it better than simply letting the “discovered accounts” speak for themselves.

The one major problem with the narrator is the formatting. How to make it clear when he’s speaking and when we’re reading the diary entries? I could use different fonts, but that’s ugly to my eyes. I did my best to format it for the blog, but I’m convinced this is less than ideal. Any suggestions?

I also really like the idea of children from the Fae lands coming to the real world. Doing a few stories about them could be a lot of fun, I imagine. It would be a fairly typical “outsider discovers our native culture” story on the surface, but by mixing in as much mythology of the Fae as possible, it could become unique.

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