Base what?

I’m sitting here writing post #200 for this blog. What should a man write on a such a monumental occasion? After all, a blog that reaches 200 posts is… like a blog that’s survived twice as long as a blog that only gets to 100.

Luke and I had a discussion the other day about what to do for our 200th post. Should we just post business as usual? Luke has one more piece of his Joy Eaters story. I have a prompt to put up tomorrow. I have some different musings I’ve been working on and a couple story ideas I could develop into something to post.

But shouldn’t the 200th post be something special?! I mean, c’mon… it’s 200!!

And it only matters because we count in base 10.

Why do we do that? I don’t mean why do we count in base 10. I’ll leave that to the mathematicians, the scientists, and the sociologists (although, shouldn’t a sci-fi writer aspire to be a dabbler in all of these?). I mean, why do we mark those numbers with a extra zeroes as special somehow?

Here’s a thought: let’s try celebrating our milestones in base 12. You can expect a big celebratory extravaganza with post number 288.

7 thoughts on “Base what?

  1. Watch out — I’ll hold you to that big celebration, Brandon! Do you have any clue when that will come, based on current posting habits?

  2. Luke, based on CURRENT habits, it will be in about 22 weeks. But who knows what will change in five months…

    Also, trivia: this post contains exactly 200 words.

  3. Let’s see here… so somewhere around Christmas we should have a huge celebration… something huge… maybe we could each write a novel and post them both in one massive post to celebrate. The Internet likes things like that, right?

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