I’m posting this late Monday night. Luke is probably already close to having his Tuesday thing ready to go up. But I didn’t want to leave a gap on a Monday when I normally post a prompt.

The thing is, I’m in Florida, enjoying the hot sticky days followed by slightly cooler, sticky nights, and loving every second of it. Well, maybe not those few seconds yesterday when the fire ants were stinging me, or the few seconds this evening I had to spend treating those stings with antibiotic. But other than that, Florida! Yay!

So, since I’ve been a little busy this week, what with chaperoning a bunch of teens around a part of the world with which I’m completely unfamiliar, I haven’t really had time to think of a prompt. So instead I’ll just encourage you: A writer needs to write. Don’t neglect your computer, your notebook, your writing desk, your favorite pen – whatever makes up your creative space. Don’t leave it empty this week. Use it. Create something.

One thought on “Promptless

  1. Brandon: Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve been absent from writing for about a week now; it’s been busy. My post today is actually a short I wrote a few weeks ago now and have been holding for a rainy day — which, apparently, is today.

    Time to get back to the writing!

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