Writing Refined

Since this blog began I’ve made it a mostly regular thing to post various story prompts on a weekly basis.  The goal was that we could practice our writing by responding to these prompts and share with each other and critique, etc.

I’m going to expand this concept a little from the prompt model, though.  There will still be prompts… once in a while.  But I want to branch out into other activities to refine our writing skills.  I also know that Luke has been focusing again on working on his novel, I’ve been spending more time on my novel(s), Annabeth has been doing novel work for some time… Every time we use our writing time to respond to a prompt, it’s taking time away from our novels.  While this isn’t always bad, it’s also not always good.

So the goal here is to provide some activities to refine our skills while not necessarily detracting from our work on our novels.  There will still be prompts once in a while, just for fun, but not weekly.

All that being said, I have an activity for this week, which will be in the next post.


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