Sometimes Writing Can Take a Back Seat


I had said I’d post part 3 of “The Least of Men” on Tuesday. I take these commitments fairly seriously; if I say I’m going to do something, I do my best to get it done. I finished the rough draft last Thursday. I had all weekend to revise. And yet, the post didn’t appear until Wednesday… a day late.

Now, I’m under no illusions. I’m fairly certain the world continued spinning despite my tardiness. If has stopped spinning, I’m delirious and it’s best not to disturb me. In the big picture, posting a story a day late doesn’t affect much. Even big-name authors get their novels out late on a regular basis.

I’m not here to defend my lateness, but to draw attention to it. You see, I made some choices. I decided certain things are worth more to me than writing.

A dear friend I had not seen in months visited. That took precedence. Members of my congregation had sudden and pressing needs. These things took precedence. I took my wife out on a date. Yes, this too took precedence.

Does that mean writing isn’t important to me? Far from it! It does mean that life and living and serving are more important. I write because my imagination urges me to release it. I write because it is a gift God has given me, and I want to serve to the best of my abilities. I write because it is a way to bring glory to my Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. All these things tell me: it is good and proper to write!

But sometimes… other things are more important. And that’s ok.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes Writing Can Take a Back Seat

  1. Sometimes it’s very very good to let writing take a back seat. See my writing? …or lack thereof. Other things have had to take precedence the last few days. I will post, but it won’t likely be until tomorrow.

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