Back to the Basics

Lately Luke and I have talked about getting the posts in line with the original thrust of this blog, which is Science Fiction from a Christian perspective.   We’ve done some of it in the form of posting stories, and the occasional book review or discussion of certain issues.  But we’ve digressed a little, and would like to get back on track.

We’re busily brainstorming ideas for posts and a logical progression, but I’d like to get the input of our readers. What would make for an interesting post topic? Specifically, are there elements of Science Fiction, or specific Science Fiction stories or series, that you’ve wondered how to think about from a Christian perspective?  Or, if you’re not Christian, wondered how we view these things?  Drop your suggestion in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

ETA: Luke asked if I meant that we would be eliminating fiction posting from the blog. By no means! I think that’s a valuable part of what we’re doing here. I just meant that in our musings and such we would take a more focused approach. You can still count on fiction once in a while.

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