Excuses, Excuses…

My desk doesn't look like that because my wife reminds me to clean it. That's the only reason it doesn't look like that, though.

So, I’ve posted twice in the last week, and neither were continuations of The Least of Men. This is true. Yet, I had noted that I would post the next part within two weeks. That deadline ended… two days ago. So what gives? Why am I posting that other stuff and not the continuation of the fiction?

The simplest explanation is this: I’ve been doing so much writing for my “day job” that I don’t have the energy to create fiction from scratch right now. I’m a pastor. That means every week I create a sermon, explaining and proclaiming a portion of God’s Word. This is incredibly exhausting work. And now, in the season leading up to Christmas, that workload has doubled because we have two unique services a week rather than just the one. That’s (easily) twenty to thirty hours a week that I’m pursuing intense writing that I can proclaim on a Sunday morning.

So… for now, I’m beat. I don’t expect much fiction to be flowing from my fingers in the next month or so. Come January I hope to get back to it and finish the tale (only two or three parts left!). For now, though, expect more commentary and review posts. Reading and thinking about what someone has written takes far less energy for me. So, I’ll continue to post… but at least for now, alas, my fiction has run dry because of my other writing efforts.

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