*creeeaaaak* Anyone here?

It’s like a scene from a creepy movie, where the protagonist comes back to the house he grew up in, not sure whether he’ll find it empty or bursting with life, and instead finds that some creepy guy has been hanging around just doing his own thing with the place. Only in this case, the house isn’t a house, it’s a blog. And the creepy guy… well, nevermind.

For the last several weeks I’ve had little to nothing to do with this blog, and I’ve let Luke carry the weight of it himself. He and I have had some good side discussions about why he’s content to do that, why I’ve withdrawn, and so on. To be brief, I’ve discovered that I have little time for writing, and I can either use that time to maintain a blog, or I can use that time to write stories. Since stories have the potential to earn me money, and posting them to a blog stands in the way of that, I’m holding back from posting for the time being so that I can, well, make money.

“But wait, Brandon!” you might exclaim. “It ought not be about the money! Isn’t it about the stories? Isn’t it about sharing your visions with the world?”

To quote something I once heard Jack Vance say, “If a story is worth reading, it’s worth getting paid for.”

So, what about this blog?

I’d like to keep it a place to discuss ideas and to talk about writing, to share life lessons learned about being a writer and being a Christian and being a human, to share interesting links about things relating to the world of Science Fiction in general. But I can’t make any big promises today about how much time I will devote to it. Why? Because I want to write. I want to pour myself out into stories, not be constantly spending my energy focusing on what my next blog post is going to be about.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


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