Is it worth it getting paid?

So, you may have noticed a discussion we had over here about the worth of stories and how getting paid factors into worth. After a good chunk of thought, I believe I misread the quote that started the debate. Go check out the comments for more on that, as well as a visit from an author whose work I’ve enjoyed.

One of the things Mr. Prellwitz mentioned was the amount of support you show an author when you purchase his work. I have to agree, though my experience with such purchases on the author end is much, much, much smaller than the esteemed author’s. Is it a good thing to get paid for your passion? Absolutely. Yes. Some people might think getting paid for art cheapens the product. I suppose sometimes it does (especially if said author “sells out” by watering down the art), but oftentimes it shows the artist that someone agrees that the end product really is worthwhile.

So, is getting paid worthwhile? Yes.

You can find Peter Prellwitz’s site here. It’s a good site that lays out the foundations of the universe he’s created and includes some original fiction for free to whet your appetite. Check it out!

In the interest of full disclosure and slight egotism, I now link you to my paid published work, over at the excellent site Ray Gun Revival. My pen name is Jonathon Mast, and the story is entitled “Fire on a World of Ice.” As I had mentioned in the post I link above, I do not regard this as my best writing, but it’s the one I’ve been paid for. Take a look, if you so desire!


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