Power Nap

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I wanted to spotlight an excellent science fiction webcomic. It’s currently in its second issue, so you don’t have a lot to catch up to if you decide to pursue this. The comic is entitled Power Nap. Here’s a link to the first page.

Science has discovered the cure to sleep. No one ever needs to sleep! All they have to do is take a little pill every twenty-four hours. Our protagonist is the one man who is allergic to the medication. He’s a freak — he has to sleep eight hours a day. Who ever heard of such a strange disability? And he dreams! That needs to be taken care of with some medication, don’t you think?

What, his dreams are escaping and becoming real? Well, just make sure he doesn’t sleep. That’ll fix everything.

It’s fun. In the first issue the main character attempts to go on a date and… well, things get interesting. There’s a lot of humor and solid sci-fi concepts, so check it out. It’s well worth your time!

I love the reation people have to him sleeping -- "What's wrong with that man, mommy?"

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