A Different Medium

A little while back I came across an article, which I can’t find now.  It was a general article about how to find inspiration for writing and making the most of it.  One of the suggestions in the article was to find a different medium.  Doing so can engage different parts of your brain, and you know, more brain equals more creativity, right?

Okay, well maybe that’s not exactly how it works, but it is the case that when you use your hands using writing utensils that you would normally associate with art (pencils, crayons, markers, paintbrushes), it does something to your brain and starts firing the more creative centers of your brain.  This mean better writing overall.

For a long time I’ve been doing all my writing on the computer, because I can type much faster than I can write by hand.  I know from experience, though, that I can sometimes sit and stare at a screen for an hour and get just a few sentences typed. When pick up a notebook and pencil, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around me, I can start scribbling and make stuff happen.  Slower? Maybe. More productive? Quite possibly.

So what about you?  Could you find yourself writing more creatively and more productively if you broke away from the computer screen for a while?  And it doesn’t have to end with a notebook and pencil, although that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far.  I’ve already entertained thoughts of taping up a huge strip of butcher paper on the wall and taken crayon to it.  Maybe paint a wall in the basement pure white and go after it with a sharpie.  Scrawl on a clay tablet with a wooden stylus?  Well, whatever inspires your creativity, give it a try, see what happens. Happy writing!


4 thoughts on “A Different Medium

  1. Great suggestion. This is one of my favorite “tricks” to loosening the creative process. I’ve even heard that reading outloud versus to yourself uses a different part of the brain. The smallest tweaks can yield a brand new perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I was younger I remember laying out my writing notes in front of me and holding marbles in my hands, letting them roll over my fingers. The texture of the marbles, for some reason, encouraged my creativity and I could often create much more complex, creative stories because of it. It’s not exactly what you’re talking about here, but a change of place or stimulus certainly can encourage creativity!

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