Open Submissions!

I received an email yesterday I thought might be of interest to a few of you. Angry Robot is holding a period of open submissions for classic fantasy and young adult novels in April. You can find all the info here. Even if you don’t have a submission within genre or you’re more of a reader than a writer, I suggest you go read the page — it’s full of good advice that happens to be entertaining.

And if you enjoy reading genre stories, I do recommend you check them out — I’ve not been disappointed by a single book of theirs I’ve read. I will openly admit I’ve hardly read them all, but it’s a name I’ve come to respect. Angry Robot. Check it out.

Which also means… well, there’s this tantalizing offer here to get a manuscript looked at by a publisher. And I happen to have a completed manuscript that fits their requirements. The manuscript needs a LOT of work before I would be able to send it in, though.

So… you may not see much of me between now and April. I’ve decided to attack this and see if I can work the manuscript and make it work in that amount of time. Chances like this don’t come around all that often, so I’m seizing it. Please forgive me for not posting more often during this amount of time. I do have some fiction “saved up” as well as some reviews that will get posted, but… beyond these already written pieces, I’m not expecting to put up too much other than some observations as I revise revise revise overhaul.

And if you decide you want to take this challenge, too… well, good luck to you! Happy writing!

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