Every Moment of Every Day

Well, it’s not quite that bad. I am a pastor; there are plenty of more important things to fill my time and my thoughts! Since I’ve decided to tackle reworking my old novel in anticipation of the open submission period in April for Robot Army, well, I’ve been doing a lot more writing. A lot more. Maybe it’s just that I have a timed goal set before me? Maybe it’s that I’m remembering all the work I’ve already put into the novel. Maybe it’s just the delight in having a bigger project. I don’t know, but I do know this: Yesterday I crammed in nearly three hours of writing time. On average, I’ve been writing two hours a day for the last week. That’s a much higher amount than years previous!

Will you get to see any fruits from that labor here? Possibly — if at some point I give up on the novel, I may post it here, but considering the length — well, a blog simply isn’t the place to publish a novel, IMO. If the publishing gods look down and smile on my little effort, I may be able to post previews here.

But for now… back to work! I want to get another chapter or two done tonight, which means clearing everything else that I need to get done before then!


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