Case NJ1772-3

“I’m not talking about it.” Walter folded his arms over his chest, giving a stiff smile to the lady. He ignored the eight by tens scattered on the cold metal table in front of him.

Patricia Jones was not amused. She fixed the grizzled construction worker with an unwavering gaze. “Mr. Revdecki, you don’t have a choice here. Now, look at these pictures again. What was your company doing laying a foundation on restricted ground? You either talk to me, or you talk to a judge about why we shouldn’t hand you the death penalty.”

“Geez, lady, if it’s really that important, wouldn’t they send someone with more pull than a pretty little thing like you?” Walter harrumphed. “Geez, that law firm oughtta show me some respect.” He ran a hand over the stubble growing on his head.

The lawyer strode to Walter. She glared down at him. “Last chance. Trust me, you don’t want what’s coming next.” She gestured to the photos. One showed a recently excavated site, ready for laying a foundation. One area off in the corner appeared to be resistant to the construction workers’ efforts to level the land. The next, a close-up of what appeared to be a mound of compact eaerth, broken open to reveal some dark, round objects.

Walter waved his hand. “Lady, you stink. Get a breathmint.”

The woman’s jaw swung loose, clacking against her neck. Her throat spurted out a thick green liquid. It splattered against Walter’s face.

“Agh! Lady, what the hell?” He backed up, knocking over the chair.

And then the liquid ignited.

Walter’s screams were rather loud.

Patricia calmly replaced her jaw with a quick motion. “They never talk when they should and always talk when they shouldn’t. Stupid humans.”

She paced back to the table and slipped the photos into her briefcase. She adjusted the EPA badge on her blouse, even as Walter stopped fighting the flames that now engulfed his body.

The lawyer sighed. If only the idiot construction companies would pay attention to restrictions. There was a reason certain sites were off-limits. Endangered species and all that.

This story inspired by the prompt “What happens in the dragon’s breath…


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