Don’t shoot for perfection…

So, rewriting a novel. It’s not from scratch, which is good, but I’m doing some massive overhauls. As in, I’m adding in a major character. I scrapped the first fifth of the novel and started over from scratch. Several key scenes need to be reapproached form the ground up. Which means… I’m not visiting a lot of the little problems this time through. I need to have a good basic structure before I can worry about the little things.

Between now and April, I’m hoping to do three full drafts of the novel. That’s pretty ambitious. This first draft, I’m just hitting the big stuff and smoothing over the rougher edges. Second time through, make sure it reads fine and tinker with the smaller stuff. Third time through, finishing touches. The third time through might not happen; I desperately need to make sure I get through at least the second time.

Which means, at least for right now, I can’t pay attention to the little things. And that’s difficult for me! Thankfully I have two editors that are following me in this draft and catching a lot of the other issues. For instance, with a total reworking of the first fifth of the novel, I’ve lost a lot of the background information that serves as a foundation for the rest of the action. They’ve caught that I need to explain some things better. Well, now I know that! A fresh pair of eyes or two are good.

And come April, the novel gets sent in… and we’ll see how it fares in around six months (the estimate given by the publisher).

All right. Time to get back to work.

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