Some days, I write. Other days, I fail.

My initial goal was to finish a first re-draft of the novel by the time my wife gave birth to our next child. She’s due in a week and a half, so there’s still time. I’m within shouting distance of the end; about a hundred pages left. Yeah, that’s still a lot of work. There’s still a lot to be done, and the baby might come at any time. Most nights I’m able to get in an hour of work. Some, like last night, I fail.

You see, I’m a pastor. And pastors don’t work 40 hour work weeks. You’ll get some very lazy pastors that work less, but faithful ministers put in at least sixty hours of work a week as a sort of general rule.

I can’t write while my kids are awake. They like bothering me with silly things like food. That means I must relegate my writing time to naptime or after they’re in bed. Naptime, unless it’s during my one day off, I’m usually quite busy visiting members, making evangelism visits, or even (gasp!) writing a sermon. After bed is a better bet. Unless, of course, I have evening meetings.


Tonight my evening meeting has been canceled. After weeping rivers of tears at my loss of sitting in a chair and staring at a wall while others discuss how many snacks are the right amount to provide to hungry teens, I realized: hey! It’s a chance to write! And I rejoiced.

I’m hoping I have more writing days this coming week than non-writing days. That baby’s coming, and behold, he comes swiftly! I want to get this done, which means I’m starting to get crunched. Time to get a move on!

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