Round 2…. Fight!

And if you don't know who these people are, I can't help you.

And so I’ve begun the second round of revamp/revisions. I know of one change I made in the last revision I need to change back (man, that didn’t work…), but otherwise this run-through is mostly about battling the Dhalsim of consistency, the Blanka of grammar, and the Chun-Li of style.

The Dhalsim of consistency gets me from afar. You know, you look like you’re safe, and then BAM! His fists or feet fly at you from the other side of the manuscript and remind you, “Hey, you should pick one spelling! Is it grey or gray?” Or things like, “Are those people Garrendai or Garrendish?” You gotta be consistent. If you’re up close, it’s like any other fight, but from afar the Dhalsim of consistency can slap you across the face.

And then there’s the Blanka of grammar. You get in close and then you’re zapped by an electronic force that immobilizes you and takes down your health bar a few notches as the editors laugh at your misery. Really, grammar’s a bit of a beast and can harm you far more than it should. Silly commas!

And don’t forget Chun-Li. It’s all about style. Your writing might be serviceable, but can it spin upside down and look good while doing it?

So I battle three foes at once, wishing to vanquish them from my manuscript.

Wait. That can’t be right. I think my metaphor has been derailed somewhere… after all, I want to use grammar to make sure my words communicate. I want to be consistent so I don’t confuse my readers. I want to use style to entertain my readers. Maybe I had it all wrong: It’s not that I’m fighting these foes. I’m allies with them, trying to bring down all the nasty Ryus of ungrammary and the E. Honda’s of inconsistency and the Zangeifs of unstylishness.

Yeah. This metaphor has fallen off the SNES of understandability  and right into the arcade of despair.

But I think you get the point. Second draft, hitting the smaller but still incredibly important points of style, consistency, and grammar. No matter how you metaphor it up.

3 thoughts on “Round 2…. Fight!

    1. Replied secretly!

      A subplot involving two characters is reverting to a previous form — the current form doesn’t work and just adds unneeded complications.

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