What am I Going to Do?

My wife asked me a few nights ago, “What are you going to do for two to three hours every evening when you graduate and don’t have master’s work to do any more?”

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to write!

Doing master’s work has benefited me in a lot of ways, but one of those ways is that it’s taught me some discipline in use of my time.  I have to block out time to get things done, and focus on working efficiently.  When I can put that discipline and energy to my writing on a consistent basis, that’ll be awesome.

So here’s a question worth considering – what’s getting in the way of your time for writing?  What are you prioritizing in your time?  Is it something you can put at a lower priority?  Is it something that will go away later on?  Take the discipline you have at focusing on one activity and see if you can turn it to your writing.  

4 thoughts on “What am I Going to Do?

  1. nothing will change my time to write, because I usually write when I get inspiration and have class-time to write it down. (Usually when the teacher’s putting me to sleep) I’ve written one page stories on notebook paper in my classes. They are good but when i post them in my blog, they are only three paragraphs long and two lines per paragraph. sigh.

    1. Writing isn’t inspiration — that’s a common misconception. 🙂 Inspiration might get an idea kick-started. Everything past that is taking the initial idea — the seed — and growing it. It takes work and the ability to ask lots of questions!

      And YOU are the only one who can make time to write; if you say you can’t change your time to write, you will never be able to write. Take control over what you can control; you’ve made choices on what to do with your time. If those other things take priority, then own up to your choices! For instance, for now Brandon has chosen to pursue his master’s classes and spend time with family. He’s chosen to do these things; he’s still in control of his time. Same with me: about half the nights during the week I “don’t have time” to write, because I choose to spend time with family first. Sometimes that means I don’t get to write. However, that’s my choice.

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