Who supports your writing?

So, this dopey friend of mine decided to send me a book. You’re going to hear more about it in coming days, but in short, it’s all about quitting your day job to pursue your dream job. A number of things snagged my attention — the book is good and the friend is a good friend for sending it to me.

Today I want to mention something from that book in connection with the novel I’m revising. Yon book gives the advice to do what you can to have other people help support your dream. And I suppose it is a dream of mine to get a novel published; it’s certainly not an all-consuming dream, but something I have worked toward. And I have not been alone in my dream.

I’ve got several friends giving the novel a once-over. They’re not giving me deep, deep editing notes, but some general story ideas. They let me know if this or that character is working or if a certain plot twist makes any sense at all. Brandon threw me a curveball the other day in suggesting I simply get rid of all dwarves and elves in the story. Well, that would certainly change things. The thought has merit, but it’s far too late this time around to make such a massive change. So, should novel be rejected, perhaps on the next go-around.

I’ve got one friend giving the novel a good, detailed once-over. I’m getting grammar notes and spelling notes as well as good story notes. He’s looking at style and substance. If it weren’t for his notes, the novel would be far less put-together at this point. I’m greatly indebted to him. (Incidentally, it’s the same guy who sent me the book that started this post…)

I have friends that are supporting this dream. It’s amazing. They encourage me to keep going with their willingness to read what I’ve written.

And then… there’s my wife.

The book I’ve been sucked into reading suggests that you never set your family against your dream. And my wife has never allowed that to happen. She read the original manuscript as it was being written, suggesting this or that. When I approached the end and had no clue how to wrap it up, she gave me the ending. When I needed a weekend to myself to actually get the work done, she visited her mother. And now, she’s giving me a detailed examination of the book — style, plot, grammar, you name it. There’s at least five, six comments a page for me to chew on. She’s rearranged paragraphs for clarity. She’s stayed up late to talk story points with me. She’s fallen in love with some characters, and others she’s not shy to say they simply don’t work.

My wife has supported my dream from the beginning. She has been a blessing to me, and I thank her for it.

My question for you: Do you have a dream that involves writing? Who supports you in that dream? You’ll go farther with the support. I know I have.


3 thoughts on “Who supports your writing?

  1. Ironic that you would write about this today. This weekend, I had the epiphany that all I want to do is write. So after some tears, some soul-searching that scared the snot outta me, and some serious reprioritzing, I’ve started honing my skills and talking with people who are supportive. Kit never stopped supporting me. My mom’s gotten the hint that I need time to write, and she’s helping me find that time. Now I’m looking at the possibility of having a once-a-month writer’s night. (hint, hint) Time for freewriting, sharing writing, etc. Oh, and food. Enough food for hungry writers.

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