You probably think I’m a bit unhinged.

And once I am successful, I will buy an Uruk agent to make sure I continue writing.

It’s done!

Last night we finally sent in my novel to Angry Robot. Do you have a novel? You’ve got a week yet to send it in here. If you have a genre young adult novel, they’re also pursuing those. Check it out here.

And what am I doing to celebrate? I’m going to submit something else somewhere else. See, there’s a short story competition that closes May 5. Here’s the page for that one. The thing that makes this competition unique: It doesn’t say anything about previously-published material. So, I’m hoping to brush up one of the short stories on the blog and submit it. (Any suggestions on a particularly good one to send in? It’s 5k to 20k words, and most of my work here is around 1k, so anything would need SOME work at least.)

So… am I insane, looking to submit something different so soon?

I dunno. Maybe I’m just a writer.

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