Not as easy as I thought.

This is not me. My typewriter is far more archaic.

So, I’m going to submit a short story for this competition. I thought it would be fairly easy; take one of the short stories from the blog here, spiff it up, and send it out.

Alas, no such luck.

The contest calls for stories between 5k and 20k words. Most of my stories here are nearly flash-fiction length (one thousand words or less). A few definitely go over that, but I don’t consider any of them sellable in the contest’s market. For instance, Philia is long enough. Yet, I don’t expect Christian fiction would be a good bet for selling to this company. I’d love to send in Joy Eaters, but that fails for the same reason.

Now, wait a second! Am I hiding my Christianity by not submitting those two stories? Not at all. I’m taking a look at the requirements of this particular contest. I’m sending a story that I think fits that particular format. Sending a Christian science fiction story to a place that does not publish Christian fiction would as good as me sending a Western in to this competition. It would accomplish… well, pretty much nothing.

Moving on…

The Least of Men is long enough, but I  really don’t consider that my best work.

Which leaves a bunch of stories that I think have a much better chance of being bought, but aren’t long enough. This… well, I’m taking a story that was roughly 2k words and more than doubling it in length by adding new plot complications, shearing off the ending and running it far longer. Which story? Sorry, I won’t say until/ unless it’s rejected. It’s a story with a twist ending, though. I simply took off the ending and kept going with the same characters.

I’ll basically have an entirely new story with the same characters and hook, but a very revised plot. I’m hoping this will allow me to shop it around some more if it gets rejected here; usually if a story’s been published on a blog, no one will buy it. However, with this much work done on it, hopefully it appears as a new story!

…which means, in the end, I’m doing a lot more work than I’d expected to do for this contest.

Ah, well!


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