Unwind — and Beyond!

Yes, even the cover’s a little creepy.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman is an arresting read. The second American Civil War was fought over one issue: abortion. The war stopped when a new option was found. Now, life is holy from conception on. However, teens may be retroactively aborted in a process called unwinding. The novel follows three teens marked for unwinding: one because he’s just a pain to his parents to the point of them getting rid of him, another because of budget cuts at the orphanage, and a third because he is the tenth child in the family and thus must be given as a tithe.

The novel grabs attention and doesn’t let go. A scene near the end that describes the process of unwinding as it happens to one of the teens still causes nightmares. Seriously — it is so incredibly emotionally effecting.

So it is with frightened anticipation I look forward to the sequel, due out in late August. If you’ve already read Unwind, well, there’s more coming! If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and read it. At some point I’ll probably re-read it and attempt to do one of those Bible studies I mentioned last time. But in the meantime, find yourself some Neal Shusterman and read!

Reminder to self: do not drool in anticipation for book… do not drool in anticipation for book…

3 thoughts on “Unwind — and Beyond!

  1. I enjoyed the first one- especially Lev’s story. The whole world reminded me of other stories like Gathering Blue or the Giver.

  2. “it still causes nightmares”
    So totally true! Though in mine, I combined Unwind concepts with NCIS so… It was weird.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a second one?! I want it NOW!!!!! *fangirl talking*

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