What Have I Been Up To?

It’s been quite some time since I posted on my blog.  It’s still my blog, right?  I mean, Luke Jon Mast has been posting all kinds of things in my absence, but can I still call myself the main guy?

I don’t want to make any big promises, but I’d like to get back to regular posting here. I thought I should spend a few minutes letting all three of you who read this regularly (and all of you who stumble on it, of course…) know what I’ve been up to in regards to my writing.

First, and most significant, is that I’m going to have a story published in an upcoming anthology from Zharmae Press, a still growing publishing press from the Pacific Northwest. The anthology is to be released in February, so it’s a ways away.  This came about when I entered a short story writing contest that Jon mentioned on this very blog.  Out of 140+ entrants, I got 10th place, which was awesome enough just to have the distinction, even if I didn’t win the big money.  Then the surprise came a little while later when Travis Grundy, the chief editor, contacted me (along with a number of others) with an invitation to publish the story in their annual book.  They’re even willing to pay me for it!  This was a big step because until now I have only been an amateur writing hobbyist.  Now I can call myself a published author.  That’s a cool feeling.  So, big shout out to Travis Grundy and Zharmae Publishing Press!

Lately I’ve also been spending time listening to podcasts from Writing Excuses.  The podcasts feature authors Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor, Dan Wells, and Mary Robinette Kowal.  They also will regularly feature other successful authors and editors.  These people really know their stuff, and listening to them has not only inspired me to write more and helped me enhance my writing, but it’s also helped me grow in how I think about literature and brought me back to the things I love about books.  Currently I’m listening to 3 or 4 a week, and each 15 minute podcast gets me thinking for at least a good hour afterward.  Definitely worth checking out!  They also feature a writing prompt with most podcasts, and links to useful resources.

Finally, I’ve been enjoying having a little bit of breathing room over the summer while I take a break from master’s work.  I have to admit I haven’t spent as much of it as I could/should/want to writing, and I wish I had a good excuse other than playing video games and rereading the Wheel of Time series getting ahead on ministry for the future year and spending time with my family.  However, I have been working on my outline (which is getting to be frightfully long) for what is likely to be my first attempt at publishing a full length novel.  In addition to the outline, I have drafted about 10,000 words of actual content, with a lot swimming around in my head and ready to go on the page.  The trick is getting to work on it.

Look for more posts in the future about what I’m learning about writing, and for updates on my progress as a (hopefully someday) professional author.

2 thoughts on “What Have I Been Up To?

  1. Welcome back! Although, you might want to take a peek at our stats page — we actually do have followers — granted, we’re not attracting thousands of people, but we do have our audience!

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