My Bride

My Bride amazes me.

I want to just take a moment in praise of the woman I have been blessed with. I want to take a moment and revel in the woman that God has fitted me with.

I’ve dated others. I’ve seen some amazing women and some… well, the less said is probably the better. I’ve dated long term and short term. When I say that my Bride amazes me, it’s not because I have no idea what other women offer. Other women surely bless their husbands, other women surely bless their friends, and yes, other women surely bless their families.

But none of them come close to touching my Bride.

I started work on what I’m sure will eventually turn into a novel. I wasn’t sure if the character or setting were interesting at all. I showed my Bride. She read, and handed back the computer. “More?”

“Did you like it?” I ask, fearful.

“Write more.”

“So it’s worth it to keep going?”

“Write more.” Sometimes she is far more patient than my stupidity deserves.

Well, maybe more than sometimes.

She gets excited about what I write. When I finish a project, she edits it with a keen eye. She’s not afraid to point out when I’ve done something stupid or inconsistent or flat out wrong. She’s not afraid to say, “I get it, but I know you. You should ask someone else about this one.”

And yet my Bride continues to shine.

When I get home after a long, long day, and I have not spent any appreciable time with her, she doesn’t demand my time. When I say, “I need to write,” she lets me. She leaves me alone for half an hour… an hour… while I pound the keyboard to get rid of the stress so I can concentrate on her.

She deserves far better than this haggard writer. She deserves someone who can write for her and about her with words that shine as bright as she does. Yet, she has chosen me.

And for that, she amazes me even more.

I read the dedications of books, and writers thank their wives. Sure, not all the time, but often enough the spouse (husband or wife) will be in there. They don’t know what a good spouse is. They’ve never known my Bride.

The only thing that I’ve seen that comes close is David and Leigh Eddings. Leigh edited and prodded David through many of his early books, but she refused the byline. She refused to be credited as cowriter.

See? It says there’s only one author. The book lies.

I don’t know what he did to change her mind, because her name now graces the covers of their books, as it should. And when I am published, my Bride’s name needs to be on the cover, not on the dedication. Without her, my words would be mere words. With her encouragement, with her breathing on them, my words become worlds and men and women and wonder. My words come at her encouragement.

Two names. TWO. The way things ought to be.

And so I wanted to write about my Bride for a little bit. Because she is amazing.

Maybe you have someone amazing. I hope so. And I mean you no offense, but she (or he) is nothing compared to my Bride.

So, thank you, my Bride. You bless me.

All that, and she’s pretty, too!

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