Books, Like Bunnies, Multiply

Some people are just mean and generous.

I’m somewhat in between books. I just ordered another book that’s due to arrive at the end of this week or the beginning of the next, so I was looking for a fairly quick read. My wife and I went to a local used bookstore this past weekend, and I came home with some gems I hadn’t expected to find: two Christian science fiction novels!

If you go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to the very first post of this blog, you’ll see that it was founded with the idea of exploring Christian genre fiction, including science fiction that happened to have Christian characters that weren’t cut-outs or stereotypes. (There’s a reason most of us here love Firefly!) So finding these two books were a treat.

First I found Logic’s End by Keith A. Robinson. As a bonus, the thing was signed by the author! Sweet! It’s the first book in a trilogy (which I found out only by looking at it on The subtitle “A novel about the Origin of Life in the Universe” doesn’t fill me with hope, but hey, it’s Christian science fiction. Time to check it out. And yes, I’ll be posting a review when I’m done. (I’m about a hundred pages in, and… well, it falls into all the pitfalls of the “Christian fiction” subgenre… which means it’s serviceable, but not much better as far as the prose goes. At least it’s pretty imaginative!)

Yeah, the cover is… not exactly attractive. Reminds me of some covers that Peter Prellwitz has gotten, though thus far Prellwitz is a much better author.

I also found Cyberquest by Sigmund Brouwer. It’s aimed at grade school kids, so I don’t have high hopes to be blown away, but it’s still Christian science fiction, so it went on the stack to be read somewhere down the line.

I couldn’t find a clearer pic… sorry about that.

I also got Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming by Roger Zelazny and Robert Sheckley, just because it looked like fun. Because you know what? You need to read a book that’s just plain fun sometimes.

This isn’t the prettiest cover either, but it does remind me a lot of the Xanth covers we have.

So, I had three books to look forward to, plus the one coming in the mail. A good stack. (Pay no attention to the shelves and shelves of unread books.)

Quiet, you!

And then my stupid generous in-laws came to visit and gave me two more books I’ve been yearning to read.

First up, UnWholly by Neal Shusterman. It’s the sequel to Unwind, which started by Shusterman love affair.

Commence screaming like a little girl in approximately 3… 2… 1…

Oh, and How to Train Your Dragon by the infamous Mr. Hiccup. Ever since seeing the Dreamworks film of the same name, I’ve wanted to read the original to find out how badly they’d slaughtered it.

And you know that Dreamworks used pretty much only the title from the book, right?

And then the youth group I help run chose to watch The Hunger Games for our movie night this coming Friday, which meant I had to watch it ahead of time so I could prepare a devotion. I was forced to break my usual policy of reading the book before seeing the movie, since there was no way I’d be able to finish the book so quickly. (It’s gonna be a long week!) Sunday night we watched it… and my hunger to read the novel has grown quite a bit.

I loath movie-covers, don’t you? Thankfully, I don’t own any of the movie covers.

Oh, and there’s still a book in the mail coming, due any day.

Stupid books.

Am I the only one that despairs of reading all the good books? It seems there’s more and more good stuff every day. I’m not talking about the mundane, average, whatevers that seem to be popular. I’m talking about the good stuff that few people ever notice, much less the few gems that seem to climb the booklists.

Man. I should really be reading.


7 thoughts on “Books, Like Bunnies, Multiply

  1. At the moment, I’m swamped by all of the great Christian NON-fiction I’ve found. I want to read everything, but I don’t have time (or eyeballs) to do that.

    So this is the way I’m choosing to look at it: books don’t grow legs and walk away (it might seem like they do). They’ll still be there when I get to them. And most of my books are from the library. I can check them out whenever I’m ready for them. I’m just so glad I found them.

    1. I read a fair amount of Christian “professional” books, too for my day job as pastor. This just isn’t the blog to talk about them, generally. 🙂

  2. Would’t it be nice if you could set aside a good three hours a day for “professional development” as a writer (read: reading novels)? That would be awesome.

    That Zelazny book looks fun, but bear in mind that, as it is Zelazny, chances are it’s going to take some really dark, bizarre, twist that’s going to totally mess up your head for a couple days. Just a warning…

    1. I’ve read a handful of Zelazny books — notably the first few of his Amber series. I remember enjoying it… We’ll see on this one. When I get there.

  3. I liked the How to Train Your Dragon but I have not seen the movie. And I also really enjoyed Hunger Games as well but I haven’t seen it either. You need to let me know how the second unwind book is because I liked the first one.

    1. I understand the Dragon movie and book are nowhere near about the same things. I enjoyed the movie well enough, though. If you want to see a fun movie, check it out. If you want to watch the book on screen, avoid at all costs. 🙂

      And you can bet a review of UnWholly will be up when I get there — hopefully soon!

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