Summer Project

Emily’s hand shook as she pushed the door open. Banners in the foyer declared: “Welcome Students!”

“Emmy! I didn’t see you all summer!” Tracy faked a smile as she glanced down. “How far along are you?”

Emily rushed past, hoping her hair hid her red cheeks.

Paul leaned against his locker as Emily deposited her bag. “Emmy! Who’s the lucky stud?” He leered.

Emily ducked past and ran to her first class.

“Room 271,” her phone reported.

She groaned. “Taking Care of Your Baby.” And, as normal, she was sure she was the only one not pregnant. She knew it was right, but chastity embarrassed her.

3 thoughts on “Summer Project

  1. I like the way it twisted at the end. I think that twists are often a useful way to do the microfiction idea – you set up the situation briefly and then throw a curveball right at the end. It raises all the questions you need to make the story go farther on its own. Very nice piece.

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