Flash Fiction – The First Walk of Man

The sky bled and blued, this final earthen sunset. Roads dwindled, cities, continents. A quarter moon winked to man and wife, slowly receding to black. He held her hand, strong and wizened.

As human cargo, time was halcyon darkness. Systems worked effortlessly, tirelessly, honed by decades, to deliver them through months and miles to settle into billowing, virginal red dust. Thin half-sunlight glowed pink and sweet on desert rock. Their palace awaited, a dome purchased decades ago, deposited by those effortless systems.

Distance does not bind promises. He would show her worlds, he’d said in youth. This one way trip to Mars, now the final step till Home.


Red Soil
Untouched till now.



5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – The First Walk of Man

  1. I like how you hint that there’s more to come — what’s the next world? Is he looking forward to heaven, or is there something more worldly going on — another planet yet to see?

    1. Jon, I wrote that this was the “final step toward Home.” I figure that they will live out the remainder of their years together without distraction, exploring and perhaps sharing their experiences as the first humans ever to set foot on mars.

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