Flash Friday – Snapshot

This story is very similar to one Jon posted last week, only focuses on a little bit different issue.  The truth is, we were talking about this concept together and both ended up writing it in our own direction.  However, I will say that I feel his end result was better than mine. In either case, it highlights the fact that there is a culture among our young people that is heading in a very bad direction, and we should all be concerned with urging them back to a healthier respect for their bodies and the true place of intimacy in our lives.

She walked through the doors into her high school commons and right away knew the laughter was about her. Kids in groups of fives and six gathered around cell phone screens.  She knew the picture they were looking at was her.

Tears streaming down her face, she ran back out the doors, pulled her phone from her pocket, flung it to the ground and stomped on it.

Even as she stood there, a friend emerged. “Sweety, you really should have known this would happen.  Who sends her boyfriend a picture of herself fully clothed?”


5 thoughts on “Flash Friday – Snapshot

  1. I’m trying to remember — we both talked about entering a high school and something happening… and it was in regard to current culture… and… something clicked for me and for you at the same time I think…

    Good to finally read what your idea was! The twist is effective at the end — and it tells us that this is not our world. It almost makes me wonder: can sexuality change so much that in the end covering up will actually be more sexy — as in, a woman coming to school in a sweatshirt is sexier than one in a tank top, because of how strange and exotic it is?

  2. The lack of a title was just a mistake. I had a title, but was trying to do too much too fast and forgot to put it in there. Oops.

    There’s a book by Fred Saberhagen called Love Conquers All. The back of the book says this:

    “The world turned upside down. Sexual Freedom: There are no limits on where, why, when, how, or with whom. The only dirty word is “No”. Freedom from want: Zero Population Growth has been achieved and at last the world’s resources have caught up with demand. But, you pay a price. Decency is a social offense. Right to life of the unborn is zero — even its mother cannot protect an “unauthorized fetus”. Is is worth it? Or is rampant, coercive liberalism the worst tyranny of all? In the tradition of Brave New World and 1984, Love Conquers All is a realistic assessment of certain trends in our society taken to their logical conclusions: the result is a scathing science fiction indictment of our generations most cherished shibboleths. This is iconoclasm in grand style.”

    Jon, your questions made me think of this book all over again. An interesting read.

    1. …it used the word “shibboleth.” That’s awesome.

      Have you read the book? You’ve recommended Saberhagen to me before, but what about this particular book? And is it about the society or certain characters have a plotline and this is the setting? (I tend to dislike books about settings as opposed to people — I found 1984 both thought-provoking and boring at the same time for that reason.

      1. I have read the book, in fact, I own a copy. This is the setting, but there is a distinct plotline. The main character has a wife and two children, and the law is that that’s the maximum you can have. However, she is pregnant with a third and desires to keep it, because she has come in contact with a religious group that follows “an ancient tradition that values life and modesty”… Saberhagen seems to allude to Christianity often in his books, though in this case, it could be any one of a handful of religions. Anyway, guy’s wife runs away with the kids to be protected, and it basically follows him trying to find his family, protect them, and wrestle with his inclination to obey the law and conform to society at odds with his desire to love and support his wife.

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